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Organization: Concern Worldwide
Country: Kenya
Closing date: 19 Jul 2018

Concern Worldwide is an international non-governmental humanitarian organization dedicated to the reduction of suffering and working towards the ultimate elimination of extreme poverty in the world’s poorest countries

Concern Worldwide invites Expressions of Interest for the provision of the following consultancy services:


1. Background/ Context

Marsabit County is located in the former Eastern province of Kenya and covers an area of 70,961.3 Km2 and is ranked as the largest county in the country. The county remains amongst the counties with the highest poverty index in the in Kenya and ranked position 44 out of 47 counties with a poverty rate of 83.2%. The county has three major livelihoods where the pastoral livelihood zone forms the bulk of the main livelihood zones at 81% and the other significant livelihood type is the agro-pastoral system which accounts for about 16% of the population.

The county experiences poor health and Nutrition outcomes especially due to Community Referral system is poor since community units are there but semi Functional and community Health services are poor hence most health facilities are not able to reach their catchment population. There has been no obvious recovery from the persistent shocks including drought, floods, and conflict that the communities are faced regularly with, thus illustrating very high levels of chronic vulnerability.

The major drivers of the high levels of acute malnutrition in the county have for a long time remained as chronic food insecurity, poor dietary diversity, suboptimal child care and feeding practices including poor hygiene and sanitation , low access to essential health and nutrition services and poor health seeking behaviour which directly influence access to basic quality health services .The July 2017 survey also highlighted the specific vulnerabilities related to hygiene and sanitation with less than 16.9% of the respondents practicing hand washing at four critical times and more than half of the population (58.7 %) practicing open defecation. Furthermore only 21.7% % were treating their water for drinking (2017 SMART Survey).

Infant and Child breastfeeding practices are sub optimal with intitiation of infants to breastfeeding with the first hour of birth at 84.4 % and exclusive breastfeeding for first six months at 68.2 % (Marsabit SMART survey, 2013). A KAP survey conducted in Marsabit County in 2017 identified cultural practises around child naming ,home deliveries and perceptions of not enpough milk and baby crying too much as main negative influences to optimal brestfeeding practises.

Complementary feeding practices are largely sub-optimal with complementary foods usually sub-standard in nutrient quality and quantity. Complementary foods used largely comprise of starches that are low in proteins and other nutrients vital for the growing infant (Marsabit SMART survey, County 2017). In addition, complementary feeding diets are typically limited in diversity and do not meet the nutrient requirements of the growing child. The 2017 SMART Survey indicated poor timely introduction of complementary foods at 53.8 % with only 8 % children 6-23 months achieving minimum acceptable diet .In addition dietary diversity score was poor at 12.1 % .This situation is further compounded by household food insecurity due to low purchasing power, lack of diversity of food owing to market limitation coupled with poor food preparation methods, food taboos and inadequate knowledge on MIYCN practises.

Table 1: Summary of Infant and Young Child Nutrition Indicators in Marsabit County


Age group


Timely Initiation to Breast milk

0 – 23


Exclusive Breastfeeding

0 – 5


Introduction of Solid, Semi-Solid, or Soft Foods

6 – 8


Minimum Dietary Diversity

6 – 23


Minimum Meal Frequency (6-8 months)

6 – 8


Minimum Meal Frequency (6-23months)

6 – 23


Minimum Acceptable Diet

6 – 23


Source: Marsabit County, KAP survey, Dec 2017

2. Objective/Purpose of the Consultancy

To analyse existing nutrition data for Marsabit County with a view of coming up with the nutrition profiles for the County.

3. Methodology

Nutrition profile provides an assessment of the Country’s performance against the nutrition related indicators, and aggregates the results into dials to provide an overall assessment of child welfare. The countries are assessed using the global targets. They offer a powerful tool for quantifying the scale of the challenge posed by the targets and identifying areas where the most effort is required to reach targets or improve monitoring. The profiles accompany the report showing progress for every child. Currently, analysis of nutrition information normally exists at country level and there is need to have a County level analysis to show progress in the performance of nutrition indicators to have a county specific profile.

This analysis will adopt a desk review of existing information to document what has been the pattern. Concern will avail some of the useful documents. The Consultant will be expected to draw from previous surveys, the KDHS and other relevant sources for this assignment. Additionally, the consultant will conduct interviews with key persons in nutrition for Marsabit and with partner’s staff for qualitative information.

The consultant is expected to develop a clear methodology, work plan, develop interview guide, analyse data, profile and submit a report.

4. Deliverables/Outputs

· Inception report with an analysis of the context based on existing information on nutrition for Marsabit County including proposals for data analysis plan and methodology

· A draft data analysis report

· A final data analysis report containing stand-alone executive summary with clear nutrition profiles for Marsabit County

5. Proposed Timelines

The Consultant should include a proposal of the number of days the assignment will take.

6. Remuneration

The Consultant is expected to provide a financial proposal for the whole assignment. Agreed rates will be based on prevailing market competitive rates and value for money.

Payment will be made upon verification of the final work by Concern Worldwide’s Programmes Director.

7. Expertise and Skills Required

At least Master Degree in a relevant field with proven track record of similar work

How to apply:

Interested candidates who meet the above requirements must submit the following;

· A technical proposal (Max. 10 pages) including;

o Proposed methodology

o Work plan including the activity schedule with the total number of days and earliest date of availability to undertake assignment

o Demonstration of Capability i.e. CV of the lead consultant and, if quoting for an organization, attach the CV of any other personnel to be involved in the assignment

o A list of previous work done (Work Completion Certificates)

o Telephone and email contacts of at least three (3) professional referees who can validate technical expertise

· A financial proposal quoted in Kenya Shillings for the whole assignment

All submissions, addressed to the HR & Administration Coordinator, Concern Worldwide, Nairobi, must be sent to the following email addresses: and with the subject of the email as ‘Nutrition Data Analyst and Profiler Marsabit’. The closing date for submissions is Thursday, 19th July 2018.

Concern has a Code of Conduct and a Programme Participant Protection Policy to ensure the maximum protection of programme participants from abuse and exploitation.


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