Kenya: CONSULTANCY – To Undertake a ‘Media Hits Scoping on Illegal Wildlife Trade in Africa’

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Organization: World Animal Protection
Country: Kenya
Closing date: 22 Jul 2018

Background to World Animal Protection

World Animal Protection, formerly World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA), is a global animal welfare organization with nearly fifty (50) years’ experience in safeguarding the lives of animals around the world. Our vision is “A world where animals live free from suffering” and we work to end the suffering of animals around the world through strategic campaigning and by providing evidence based lasting solutions. We aim at putting animal welfare on the global agenda and demonstrate that what is good for animals is good for the world. One of our key campaign area is animals in the wild where we take action to stop wild animals suffering: wherever that suffering is most far-reaching and most severe. We influence the decisions people make affecting wildlife on a global scale. We do whatever is needed to protect wild animals from being cruelly traded, trapped, abused or killed – because wild animals belong in the wild.

Scope of Requirement

World Animal Protection is seeking to recruit a qualified Consultant with expertise and experience in the domain of research and data analysis. The goal of the consultancy is to help us understand the trends of illegal wildlife trade in Africa as reported by the mainstream media. It is envisioned that the collated information will assist and guide World Animal Protection in identifying 5-10 most illegally traded wildlife species from Africa as reported in the media and also provide specific insights into trends of information relating to illegal wildlife seizures of live wild animals and their derivatives.

The objectives of the media hits analysis are to help World Animal Protection to:

Phase 1: Focused on the headlines and key search sentences of approximately 6,500 (already identified) media hits.

  1. Identify the top 5-10 species of wildlife that are illegally traded across Africa.
  2. Analyse and document the identified species (from above) in terms of numbers, volumes and frequency.
  3. Document the form in which these wildlife species are traded, whether live or in parts (skins, bones, teeth, skulls, etc)

Phase 2: Focused on the full body of text from the same approximately 6,500 (already identified) media hits.

  1. Identify specific information in relation to seizures of illegal wildlife including live animals and their derivatives.
  2. Analyse and document the identified information (from above) in terms of numbers, volumes and frequency.
  3. List and rank countries in Africa that are most affected by the illegal wildlife trade, the key species involved and the importing countries.

Period: The analysis will prioritise the media hits reported in the year 2017. But if time permits, the hits of previous years (2016-2011) will also be analysed.

Methodological approaches:

  • The methodological approaches for the media hits analysis will be confined to the desktop review through internet searches. World Animal Protection will provide the Consultant with additional information and material relevant to the context of the study. However, the consultant will be at liberty to explore other sources of information that would further enhance and enrich the overall content of the media hit work.
  • Prior to the commissioning of the work, World Animal Protection team will engage the consultant with the view of firming up the inception report. The meeting will provide a platform for discussion and agreement on the parameters and the scope of work.

Academic Qualifications of the Consultant:

The Consultant being sought to undertake the research must have an MSc in either of the following fields; Wildlife Management; Research Methodology; Veterinary Epidemiology; or Environmental Science and/Management, from a recognised institution of higher learning. However, MSc students (or those who have recently completed MSc degree) in the above-mentioned fields are also encouraged to apply.

How to apply:

For details on the complete Request for Proposal (RFP), the scope of the consultancy, and how to apply, follow this link to our website:

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