Kenya: Fellowship Program Evaluation Consultant

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Organization: Akili Dada
Country: Kenya
Closing date: 29 Jul 2018


  1. Overview
    Akili Dada seeks the services of a qualified consultant or consultancy firm to carry out a 5-
    year evaluation of our fellowship program that targets young women in the social enterprise
    and social change sectors. Akili Dada Fellows are spread across the following East African
    countries: Kenya, Rwanda, South Sudan, Tanzania and Uganda.
    1.1 About Akili Dada
    Akili Dada is an international, award-winning leadership incubator cultivating transformative
    leadership in a generation of young African women. We apply a holistic
    approach to educating and cultivating leadership in adolescent girls and young
    women, ages 13 – 30, employing four key strategies to nurture growth and meaningful
    impact: financial investment, leadership development, and mentorship, and
    feminist movement building, advocacy.
    By selecting from and building the capacity of some of Africa’s most innovative young
    women, we are meeting the urgent need for more African women in leadership as
    well as the overarching need for creative and empathetic leadership that holds justice
    at its core.
    1.2 About the Fellowship Program
    Akili Dada’s fellowship program grows out of our belief that African women, especially
    those from underserved communities, are best positioned to design solutions to the
    challenges facing them. The overarching goal of the program is to build the capacity
    of some of the continent’s most innovative young women change makers to drive
    solutions to some of the biggest challenges facing African society.

    The program awards yearlong fellowships to young women leaders engaged in social
    change projects of their design. The program serves as an incubator providing
    financial, intellectual, mentoring, and networking resources to young women as they
    grow their projects to scale and sustainability.
    The program was created in direct response to the absence of African women among the
    ranks of those celebrated in existing social entrepreneurship incubators.
    Result Areas
    Program Goal: To equip underserved young women with leadership capabilities to
    challenge the status quo in the spaces that are critical to them
    Outcome 1: Young women from underserved backgrounds enhance their leadership
    skills and experience personal growth.
    Outcome 2: Increased number of successful Social Enterprises led by Young African
    Women driving change in the community.
    Outcome 3: Akili Dada recognized as a pipeline for young women social entrepreneurs.
    1.3 Purpose and Scope of the Evaluation
    The purpose of the evaluation is to assess the extent of achievement of results against
    the stated objectives and implementation approaches used as well as gain insights on
    the programs strengths and areas of improvement.

    Specific objectives of the evaluation
    a. To assess the progress made towards anticipated key project goals as per the
    project logical framework and any other unintended effects of the project and
    how the results may have been realized.
    b. To demonstrate how effective key project interventions approaches have been
    in achieving the fellowship program outcomes.
    c. To highlight lessons learned and provide specific, actionable and practical recommendations
    for future programming
    Scope and Criteria for the Evaluation
    The evaluation will focus on the 3 result areas of the project based on the project
    log-frame. The evaluation will put emphasis on the effectiveness of the intervention
    approaches in delivering anticipated results, impact realized and sustainability considerations.
    1.4 Evaluation Methodology and Timeframe
    The consultant shall provide guidance on appropriate methodologies to be employed.
    Akili Dada however proposes, an outcome harvesting approach incorporating both
    qualitative and quantitative methods. The assignment will take a maximum of 20 days
    with data collection anticipated to commence no later than August 2018.

    1.5 Deliverables of the Consultancy
    The consultant will work in conjunction with the Akili Dada Washa Program Lead with
    support from the Executive Director, Director of Branding, Communications and
    Impact, Director of Programs and other Akili Dada staff working on the project, to
    refine the conceptualization of the assignment, approve research tools, and validate
    re- search findings. The consultant is expected to undertake the following tasks:
    a. Review relevant project documents; including project proposal(s), log-frame,
    budget, reports and other relevant documents with the aim of developing a detailed
    methodology and tools. The methodology and data tools shall be reviewed
    and approved by Akili Dada and other stakeholders before data
    collection commences.
    b. Data collection, data cleaning, analysis and interpretation of the findings and
    drafting of the report.
    c. Develop and submit a 20-page limit first draft of the evaluation report
    following an agreed upon format.
    d. Discuss findings with Akili Dada staff and other relevant stakeholders at a
    validation workshop and incorporate feedback to generate the final report.
    e. Submit the final 20-page evaluation report to Akili Dada offices in Nairobi in 3
    hard copies and a soft copy via email. Any tools/templates used and final
    consolidated raw data should also be submitted together with the report.

    1.6 Evaluation Report Format
    The final reports should not exceed 20 pages excluding annexes of tools, list of research
    team among others.
    1.7 Expected Profile of the Consultant
    The consultant is expected to hold the following qualifications in order to be eligible
    for this assignment:
    • A Masters level degree in international development or related social science
    • At least 5 years of consultancy experience conducting evaluations/research in
    • Sound knowledge of major development issues, especially. Knowledge of the
    context in East Africa is an added advantage.
    • Sound knowledge and experience in social surveys and project evaluation
    methodologies with evidence of publications and reports on similar

How to apply:

All applicants should include all the following:
a. Cover letter – Brief explanation about interpretation of assignment, key
strategic staff that will be employed and an outline of the consultant profile
b. A technical proposal outlining the consultant’s interpretation of the terms of
reference, methodology to be applied and a detailed implementation plan.
c. A financial proposal with a detailed activity based budget and consultancy rates
d. Two copies of reports from previous work conducted by consultants from similar
e. Resume and relevant references for consultants. Applications with non-returnable CVs and two samples of previous work related to this assignment
should be submitted on or before 29th July 2018 via email to & copy

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