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Unilever Internships for Fresh Graduates,2018

Unilever Graduate Customer Development Job,April 2018

How would you position a new product in a competitive market? How would you persuade retailers to take it on, to put up new displays, to take the risk of buying lots of stock for something new and unfamiliar? What will you do? Over three placements, you will work in the areas of Account Management, Category Management and Business to Business.

In Account Management, you’ll work with a certain ‘type’ of customer, building relationships, developing promotions, negotiating and gathering an understanding of consumers. In Category Management, you’ll cover a category of products, becoming an expert on their marketplace, consumers and competitors and advising customers on suitable stocks for their demographics. In Business to Business, you’ll sell a range of food products, using your product expertise and relationship skills to keep preferred supplier relationships

Who is it for? Any work in this area demands a lot of motivation and an ability to tackle tough situations. After all, you’ll be on the front lines, working as an ambassador for our products, making sure people forget the competition and think of Unilever first. You will need self-motivation, passion to win and the ability to build strong relationships.

Key Responsibilities

  • Building relationships with the “customer”
  • Developing promotions
  • Negotiating and developing understanding of shoppers
  • Whether you are in category management, account management or customer marketing, a customer development role at Unilever will challenge your understanding of both our business and our consumers

Minimum Qualifications

  • Minimum of a Bachelor’s degree (Upper Second-Class Honors) and a strong academic track record
  • Flexibility and adaptability
  • Good communication and interpersonal skills
  • High levels of motivation, enthusiasm and personal initiative and drive
  • Strong analytical skills
  • Passion for pace and competitiveness of the retail market

Please note: Emails from Unilever are likely to be sent to the Spam Inbox

How to Apply

Submit your CV and Application on Company Website : Click Here

Unilever Internships


This role has specific responsibilities for Internal Audit in Unilever East Africa including the Plantations. Primary responsibilities include development and execution of Internal Audit plans, partnership and co-ordination of work with Corporate Audit.  The role also supports the Business Integrity function by carrying out Investigations requiring Financial Audit & Investigations expertise across the region, including presentation of investigation findings, & following up implementation of remedial actions.


  • To plan, prepare, brief and review audits ensuring audit output effectively communicate findings, add value and recommend best practice to business and co-ordinate with Internal Controls, and Corporate Audit in ensuring maximised efficiency of coverage
  • To advice management, design and test controls to detect and prevent Fraud in the business by applying judgement on the right balance of control that enables fraud prevention and fast execution in the marketplace.
  • To support management in creating a control environment that promotes a positive attitude to risk but a well-controlled business. This involves raising control awareness and skills besides promoting a positive control culture in the East African business
  • To review independently and give (quick cycle feedback executed in real time as well as long term improvement feedback executed in subsequent cycles) the management self-assurance processes of Control, Checklists, Sign Offs, Risk Identification and Risk ratings, and other such processes and feed into a continuous improvement cycle of control
  • To give independent controls assessment & recommendations to the businesses and functions in the process re-engineering studies that is aimed at enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of their operations and management control
  • To independently review compliance with laws, regulations, Unilever policies, Code of Business principles and other external requirements


  • Qualified Accountant with reputable body (or equivalent)
  • 9+ years of experience in Auditing in Manufacturing or FMCG industry (either external or Internal Audit)
  • Team leader- great at developing talent
  • Strong Influencing Skills
  • Incisive analytical ability especially Root Cause Analysis
  • Flexible and able to grow into greater Finance function.

How to Apply

Submit your CV and Application on Company Website : Click Here

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Kenya: KEN-03: Long term TA to support coordination of the Kenya SUN Private Sector Network (SNPSN)

Organization: Nutrition International
Country: Kenya
Closing date: 19 Apr 2018

Terms of Reference (ToR)


Technical Assistance for Nutrition (TAN) is a project supported by UK aid from the UK government, which seeks to improve the capacity of SUN countries to design, deliver, and track the progress of nutrition programs and to generate, learn from and adopt knowledge of what works. Nutrition International is contributing to TAN by coordinating the provision of technical assistance to help national SUN focal points in select countries to overcome gaps in capacity for the design and delivery of multi-sectoral national nutrition plans, tapping into its global hub to source and deploy the expertise needed.

Significant strides have been made in reducing malnutrition prevalence over the last five years. According to the 2008 and 2014 Kenya Demographic and Health Surveys (KDHS) stunting levels decreased from 35% to 26%; wasting rates declined from 7% to 4%, and the proportion of underweight children dropped from 16% to 11%, between these surveys. Kenya is one of three countries currently making progress at the rate required to meet five out of the six World Health Assembly (WHA) targets for 2025, including a reduction of anaemia prevalence for women.

The Government of Kenya has demonstrated commitment to address the nutrition situation by putting in place policies, strategies and legislation aimed at reducing malnutrition. These include, 2012-2017 National Nutrition Action Plan (NNAP), Kenya National Food and Nutrition Security Policy 2012, East Africa Fortification Standards, Breastmilk substitute Act 2012 among others. While these have contributed to positive changes, there is recognition that in order to build on this progress and eradicate malnutrition, there is need for enhanced collaboration with other nutrition actors (e.g. education, WASH, social protection and agriculture). The private sector also needs to be brought on board if further and sustainable achievements are to be realized. Business has a significant role to play in Kenya achieving its ‘Vision 2030’ which clearly articulates that good health and nutrition play an essential role in boosting economic growth, poverty reduction and in the realization of its overarching goals. The 2012-2017 NNAP recognizes the value of partnerships in combating malnutrition under its eleventh objective “to strengthen coordination and partnerships among the key nutrition actors including the private sector.”

Kenya joined the SUN Movement in 2012, this signaling its commitment to undertaking coordinated actions to improve nutrition status in the country. Key achievements since the launch of SUN in Kenya include, adoption 2012-2017 NNAP and enhanced government leadership of the nutrition sector, which has resulted in improved coordination of actors and a more harmonized approach to implementation and monitoring of nutrition programmes. This is evidenced by inclusion of the nutrition indicators in the County Health Information System (CHIS), Annual Operational Plans (AOPs), and Medium-Term Expenditure Framework (MTEF). The existence of coordination mechanisms with overall leadership from Nutrition Interagency Coordination Committee (NICC) have enhanced sector wide approach which has been instrumental in overseeing and guiding the implementation of the NNAP since 2012.

At the core of the SUN Movement is the need for cross-functional engagement in the fight against malnutrition. The establishment of six networks with the SUN Movement (Government network, Civil Society, UN System, Donor Network, Research/academia and Private Sector Network) highlights the critical role of each of the different sectors play in support nutrition. The SUN Business Network (SBN) was ‘established to mobilize and intensify business efforts in support of the SUN Movement and to ensure that all people realize their right to good food and nutrition’. It aims to find solutions to end malnutrition through business, markets and people.

In 2013, a meeting with Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) of major companies producing food products and the Kenya Association of Manufacturers (KAM) embraced the concept of a SUN Nutrition Private Sector Network in Kenya. In January 2015, 10 business representatives met with a view to steer engagement of the private sector in scaling up nutrition in Kenya and an interim Nutrition Private Sector Steering Committee, comprising of INSTA Foods (Chair), Unilever and Phillips (co-chairs) and the Kenya Association of Manufacturers (Secretariat), was established. Furthermore, business representatives under the umbrella of SNPSN Kenya have participated in SUN meetings. Currently the Steering Committee is the sole representation of Nutrition Private Sector Network and is responsible for identifying opportunities for business to support the National Nutrition Action Plan, for advocacy on business engagement in scaling up nutrition and for representing the Network in various meetings and sharing feedback with the broader Network membership. Members of the Steering Committee act in their capacity as committee members in addition to their day-to-day job within industry and as a result the potential impact of the Network is currently not as great as it could be.

SNPSN undertook a situation analysis of the network and business engagement opportunities on nutrition, in alignment with the national strategy, in order to better mobilize business to help realize national nutrition objectives. Given the existing level of interest of the private sector in scaling up nutrition in Kenya and the Government’s recognition of the role that the private sector has to play in improving nutrition, there is a need to further strengthen the SUN Nutrition Private Sector Network in Kenya to encourage further private sector engagement and scale up impact.

It is in this context that the SUN FP requested for TA support from the TAN project to develop SUN Private Sector/Business Network Strategy and support the initial SBN coordination efforts. The TA (National SBN Coordinator) will facilitate the private sector platform, facilitate the development of the network’s three-year strategy and undertake a membership drive to collate and track a set of business commitments.


Overall objective

The overall purpose of this consultancy is to support effective coordination of the SUN Business Network in Kenya in order to maximize its contribution to scaling up nutrition in the country.

Specific objectives

  1. Facilitate development of a costed 3 year strategy and resource mobilization plan for the SUN Private Sector Network (SNPSN)

  2. Enhance private sector engagement and participation in the nutrition sector in line with the National Nutrition Action Plan

  3. Enhance continuous learning and mainstreaming private sector efforts in multi-sectoral nutrition environment


This TA is expected to contribute significantly to private sector involvement in nutrition actions. It is expected that this consultancy will lead to the following results:

i. Validation of a clear SNPSN strategy with link to other stakeholders and sectors

ii. Partnerships fostered between business and other nutrition stakeholders such as government, civil society, donors and the UN

iii. Increased commitment of the SNPSN members to nutrition sector efforts to address nutrition challenges

iv. Challenges and opportunities facing businesses in scaling up nutrition are identified, documented and addressed

v. Enhanced tracking and reporting of private sector contribution to the nutrition sector’s efforts in tackling malnutrition

Scope of Work

The consultant is expected to undertake the following activities and produce the listed deliverables.

Phase 1: Inception – During the first 4 weeks of the project, the Consultant will carry out the following activities:

  • Participate in and contribute to the kick off meeting with key stakeholders

  • Review background material on the SUN movement and the SBN in particular

  • Elaborate the proposed methodology and develop work plan for the assignment


Methodology and work plan approved by the SNPSN convener and SUN FP;

Under objective 1: Facilitate development of a costed 3 year strategy and resource mobilization plan


  • Review key policy documents including national nutrition plans to identify issues/areas within relevant government strategy documents and action plans where the private sector could play an instrumental delivery role, through their core business operations

  • Conduct a literature review of existing SBN country strategies in sub-Saharan Africa for best practices and guidelines for Kenya

  • Conduct discussions and interviews with key stakeholders (government and private sector);

ü To better understand the role of the NPSN

ü Identify the major challenges within the enabling environment for business and food market systems that are preventing or could prevent private sector companies from investing in products and services which advance nutrition

  • Based on discussions and findings of the above activities,

ü Develop, in collaboration with NPSN steering committee an outline of the draft strategic plan

ü Develop draft costed strategic plan and submit to key stakeholders for validation. The plan will take gender considerations into account (see gender section below for suggestions)

ü Submit a revised costed draft strategic plan, based on feedback received from stakeholders

ü Develop an implementation plan to support operationalization of the strategy

  • Identify development partners’ priorities for private sector work with a focus on the major nutrition donors, foundations and other actors working in Kenya

  • Develop concept notes and proposals to potential funders including businesses for the sustainability of the NPSN Kenya

  • Propose how the NPSN Kenya mobilizes companies within sectors/industries which have been identified as having potential for high impact in advancing nutrition


§ 3 year costed NPSN strategy with an implementation plan

§ Resource mobilization plan

§ NSPSN toolkit developed and disseminated

§ Progress reports towards business commitments to improve nutrition

§ Proposals developed and submitted to secure funding to sustainably support the network

Under objective 2: Enhance private sector engagement and participation in the nutrition sector


  • Identify opportunities to improve the enabling environment for business to increase action and investments in nutrition (in line with the strategic plan)

  • Map and assess business presence and capabilities in country to determine the current nutrition-related participation, challenges in delivery and potential gaps which merit additional entry points for the private sector

  • Support development of annual NPSN work plan aligned to the strategic plan objectives

  • Support periodic performance review to ensure planned results are achieved on time

  • Outline potential work streams that could support the NPSN Kenya strategic plan.

  • Develop a database of NPSN members (current and potential) to identify areas of support required by business to take action or invest in nutrition.

  • Identify new partnerships to address the challenges and opportunities facing business in scaling up the specific nutrition strategies outlined through the activities of objective 1 above

  • Organize and facilitate in meetings of the NPSN Kenya quarterly steering committee to review progress and garner support for the strategic plan.


§ Detailed stakeholder mapping report that includes;

ü NPSN profile

ü Database of private sector members using the 4W methodology

§ Annual work plan for the NPSN Network

§ Quarterly reports on the participation of the network in nutrition related events

Under objective 3: Enhance continuous learning and mainstreaming private sector efforts in multi-sectoral nutrition environment.


  • Facilitate and participate in joint multi-sectoral periodic planning and review meetings of nutrition specific and nutrition sensitive platforms respectively

  • Document successes, challenges, lessons learned and best practices in coordination of the private sector

  • Represent the NPSN in SUN Movement meetings and other relevant national and international meetings to build visibility, inform SUN Movement members on initiatives and goals of the SBN

  • Continuously share feedback from meetings with NPSN membership


  • NPSN briefs and other Knowledge management products developed

  • Lessons learned and best practices shared with the nutrition sector at national and international level.

Other relevant tasks needed by the NDU/ NSPSN Kenya to support the advancements of the stated objectives and agreed to by NI may be incorporated in the due course of the assignment.

Duty Station/Location

This is a full-time consultancy for a period of 15 months. The consultant will be embedded with the Nutrition and Dietetics Unit for the duration of the assignment.

The consultant is expected to undertake some domestic travel within the country. All travels required under this consultancy will be provided for by NI and/or the Nutrition and Dietetics Unit (NDU).


This support will be for a period of 15 months from May 2018 to August 2019.

Management and Reporting/Coordination mechanism

  1. The consultant will directly report to the SUN Focal Person. The consultant will also work closely with other members of the NSPSN steering committee and NI team members.

  2. The NDU will facilitate the operational linkages with all the other relevant sectors and stakeholders under this TA.

  3. NI will provide the funding for the assignment, and payment will be subject to performance and reaching deliverables as agreed upon at the moment of contract signing.

  4. NI will provide technical input into the assignment and is responsible for assuring the quality of the work being delivered by the consultant.

Profile/qualifications of consultant

  1. Post graduate degree or equivalent in health, nutrition; business or public administration; international relations; development studies; social sciences or humanities.
  2. At least 10 years’ experience in international development or private sector development or public-private partnerships
  3. Demonstrate understanding of the food security and nutrition landscape
  4. Experience in project management and administration.
  5. Experience in working with government institutions, public service or equivalent.
  6. Knowledge and experience in developing strategic plans
  7. Excellent organizational and time management skills
  8. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, both oral and writing
  9. Strong analytical thinking and excellent interpersonal skills, including the ability to work confidently across a variety of stakeholders and levels
  10. Experience in Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting will be a strong added advantage
  11. Prior engagement working with the SUN movement an added advantage
  12. Strong communication, facilitation and negotiation skills
  13. Fluency in oral and written English is required

Nutrition International is committed to gender equality. Consultants are required to indicate how they will ensure that gender equality considerations are included in the provision of TA including deliverables. Examples of integration of consideration for gender equality could include but are not limited to; ensuring government departments responsible for women are included wherever possible, gender sensitive indicators are included, emerging data is sex disaggregated, relevant documentation related to gender is reviewed. To this end, NI has developed the following tools in order to help.

  • NI integration of gender considerations checklist

  • NI background document on gender and nutrition

  • NI PowerPoint presentation (Gender 101 )

How to apply:

Proposals should be submitted by email to before close of business 19th April 2018, EST (Ottawa Canada).

· Up-to-date curriculum vitae (CV) with monthly fee indicated and other foreseen costs included.

· Cover letter detailing how applicant fits the profile

This position is open to Kenyan nationals or persons with necessary permits to work in Kenya.

NI is committed to the fundamental principles of equal employment opportunity. Women are encouraged to apply.

Assistant Accountant Job in Nairobi, Kenya – Payables

Internship Opportunities in Safaricom, Nairobi

Jobs, Internships and Vacancies at Kenbro Industries, Nairobi

Job Position: Mechanical Engineer Intern

Employer: Kenbro Industries Limited

Industry: Manufacturing

Job Category: Intern

Town: Nairobi

Qualifications / Requirements:

·         Diploma / Degree in Mechanical Engineering or any diploma / degree in relation to Mechanical Engineering.

·         Ability to take initiative

·         Ability to handle multiple tasks and prioritize

·         Teamwork and collaboration skills

Duties / Responsibilities:

·         Support mechanical engineering staff by performing basic and repetitive engineering assignments by:

·         Following procedures in the design, development, and production areas.

·         Participate in a variety of rotational assignments in functional areas; design and development, machine shop, engineering, materials, and manufacturing.

·         Conduct and monitor testing and inspection of materials and products to ensure finished product quality.

·         Analyze data to identify areas for improvement in the quality system. Develop, recommend and monitor corrective and preventive actions.

·         Evaluate audit findings and implement appropriate corrective actions.

·         Support the Manufacturing Engineering and Engineering Test Lab teams on designing and developing a non-conformance database to track and report test failures and rework modification.

·         Conduct lean manufacturing process observations to develop manufacturing best practices and process standards.

Should you meet the requirements as mentioned above, kindly send your CV to “” with the subject as the job title.

Job Position: 
Quality Control Intern

Employer: Kenbro Industries Limited

Industry: Manufacturing

Job Category: Intern

Town: Nairobi

Qualifications / Requirements:

·         Diploma / Degree In Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering or any diploma/ degree in relation to quality control.

Duties / Responsibilities:

The Quality Control Assistant will ensure that materials received at the site, and final products produced meet/exceed the set company and statutory requirements by performing the following duties:-

·         Timely and accurate sampling and analysis of all raw materials before acceptance and maintaining records.

·         Overseeing offloading of raw materials among other goods, to be able to sample further from the initially hidden parts.

·         Ensuring that good manufacturing practices are upheld at the plant.

·         Ensure all quality records related to the safety management system are updated on a daily basis including electronic records.

·         Conduct and monitor testing and inspection of materials and products to ensure finished product quality.

·         Analyze data to identify areas for improvement in the quality system. Develop, recommend and monitor corrective and preventive actions.

·         Evaluate audit findings and implement appropriate corrective actions.

Should you meet the requirements as mentioned above, kindly send your CV to “” with the subject as the job title.

Please ensure your file does not exceed 1MB.

Jobs, Internships and Vacancies Hotpoint Appliances Ltd, Kenya

Hotpoint Appliances Ltd

Vacancies: Sales and Marketing Interns – Mombasa

Are you passionate about Sales and Marketing and you would wish to start and grow your Sales and Marketing career in the Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) sector?

If yes, then we are looking for you to offer you an exciting internship in our Mombasa branch.


·         Diploma in Sales and Marketing

·         Should be a continuing student or a recent graduate

·         Actively marketing for Residential Air Conditioning by getting in touch with potential clients through direct visits

·         Actively following up with Annual Maintenance Contracts proposals to get them approved

·         Good Interpersonal skills

·         A self-starter and able to work with minimum supervision

·         A resident of Mombasa county

Job Vacancy: Sales Coordinator

We are a leading company in the distribution of electronics and we are looking for competent applicants who possess the requisite qualifications to fill the position of Sales Coordinator that has arisen in the company.

Role Purpose: The purpose of the role is to promptly respond to customer’s emails channelled through the retail email, answer incoming calls from customers, respond to inquiries, handle complaints, troubleshoot problems, provide information and maintain client compliant database

Duties and Responsibilities

·         Practice phone etiquette. Greet the customer by name, speak in a clear, calm and friendly voice and repeat caller’s issue to verify understanding.

·         Handle all Retail emails and respond to customer queries on email.

·         Resolve problems by clarifying issues, exploring answers & alternative solutions, implementing solutions and escalating unresolved problems.

·         Manage and resolve customer complaints by clarifying desired information, completing transactions and forwarding requests.

·         Process all customer orders on behalf of sales staff.

·         Answer all Retail related phone calls and direct them to concerned individuals for action.

·         Provide customers with our product information.

·         Maintain a retail customer database and update customer information on the system.

·         Maintain a customer complaint register and ensure all details are correctly captured and reported.

·         Send quotations to customers and follow up on the same.

·         Act as a reliever for the Cashier / Sales Supervisor support whilst absent or on leave.

·         Carry out customer call survey and document in the system (Salesforce and Orion).

·         Document all call information according to HAL standard operating procedures and generate reports.

·         Receipt all the money received from invoices.

·         Print out all invoices.

·         Process the customer care feedback forms and share the report.

·         Any other duties assigned by the Manager as and when required.


Critical Knowledge, skills & Experience:

·         At least 2 years’ experience in sales or marketing, customer care representative from a service industry back ground.

·         Excellent personal presentation and telephone etiquette.

·         Speaks and writes excellent English.

·         Proficient in relevant computer applications.

·         Good interpersonal and communication skills both written and verbal.

·         Excellent report writing skills.

·         Good organization skills.

How to Apply

Interested qualified candidates are invited to submit their applications quoting the job title and attach an up to date Curriculum Vitae addressed to the HR Manager on or before Wednesday, 11th April, 2018 on email:

NGO Jobs in Kenya – MSF Switzerland

Medecins Sans Frontieres – Switzerland

Job Vacancy: Pediatric Nurse

Location: Dadaab Dagahaley Refugee Camp

Project Summary: The objective of our project is to provide primary and secondary level of health care to the Refugees in Dagahaley refugee camp. MSF provides a full package of medical care through 4 primary health care units and 1 hospital (100 beds) with 24 hour emergency and OT. Health services include curative, preventative, nutritional activities and emergency preparedness and intervention with partners.

The selected candidate will be reporting to the Medical Coordinator.

He/she will be responsible of the overall management of medical activities of the Dagahaley Refugee Camp project.

Package: Attractive package on offer with additional benefits including comprehensive health cover. Supportive learning environment within a large, dynamic International Medical Humanitarian Organization with dedicated career paths for proven staff.

Contract duration: 3 month contract with possibility of extension (based on performance)

Main Tasks include:

·         Know, promote, implement and follow at all times the universal hygiene standards/ precautions, bio-hazard prevention and infection control, security rules and other protocols and procedures in the medical premises and ensure high standards of hygiene of his/her working environment .

·         Organize and carry out care and treatments according to medical prescriptions, as well as assist them during consultations/ daily rounds and other medical procedures.

·         Ensure patients are properly received and installed in the health service. Ensures that patients with lack of autonomy are assisted, especially regarding their feeding, personal hygiene, movements and comfort.

·         Respect medical secret and confidentiality.

·         Carry-out admission, surveillance and follow-up of patients meaning assessment of their health state evolution, and identification of emergency situation or any deterioration,

·         Participate in health education of the patient (and family) when necessary

·         Supervise and train nurse-aids, nutritional assistants, cleaners and other related staff under his/her supervision in their work with special focus in following all appropriate protocols and procedures and ensuring team work.

·         Participate in the department-related pharmacy and medical equipment control and maintenance (carrying out inventories, carrying out stock takes of medicines and material at every team changeover, ensuring no material is taken out of nursing area/wards without prior authorisation, checking its quality and its functioning, storage conditions, doing follow-up of expired drugs, etc.).

·         Carry-out and supervise administrative procedures and documents (fill in patients files, forms, consumptions, statistics, etc.), ensure an appropriate written/oral handover, and report any problematic situations and cases that may arise. fill in all necessary registers and health files, participate in data collection and keep doctors/supervisors informed.

·         For ER and OPD nurse, ensure triage of patients in waiting areas, wards or during emergencies, detecting the priority acute/emergency cases, carrying out first aid care when necessary and referring them to the doctor.

·         If applicable, identify Sexually Gender Based Violence victims and refer them to the medical team, so they can receive the necessary treatment.

·         Knows and is aware of the importance and appropriate use of the Post Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP) Kit

·         Sends material to be sterilized and recuperates it from sterilization.

·         Participate in the hospital platforms, departmental meetings, quality control activities like death audits, case reviews, prescription audits etc.

·         Ensure the registration of day to day consumption according as per procedure in place including proper cold chain management and maintenance in the department.

·         EPREP team member: Assist in response to emergencies within the project or as required.

·         Perform any other duties assigned by the supervisor.


·         Kenyan national

·         Education: Essential recognized nurse degree/diploma Desired Bachelor in Science of Nursing

·         Experience: Desirable 2 years of previous experience and previous experience in other NGO’s.

·         Languages: English and Local language essential.

·         Competencies: Results, teamwork, flexibility, commitment, service

·         Due to the nature of the work, an ability to speak Somali could be a strong advantage

How to Apply

Job Vacancy: Midwife

Location: Dadaab, Dagahaley Refugee Camp

Project Summary: The objective of our project is to provide primary and secondary level of health care to the Refugees in Dagahaley refugee camp. MSF provides a full package of medical care through 2 primary health care units and 1 hospital (100 beds) with 24 hour emergency and Operating Theatre.

Health services include curative, preventative, nutritional activities and emergency preparedness and intervention with partners.

The selected candidate will be reporting to the Midwife Supervisor

Start date: Immediately

Package: Attractive salary package on offer with additional benefits including comprehensive health cover.

Contract duration: 3 months fixed term contract with possibility of extension (based on needs)

The job activities include but are not limited to;

·         Ensure the implementation and continuity of antenatal and postnatal care, family planning, obstetrical care (BEmONC 1 and CEmONC 2), neonatal and comprehensive abortion care, management of victims of sexual violence, reproductive tract infections and Fistula care in accordance with MSF Reproductive Core Package of Activities and reinforce the implementation of standardised protocols.

·         Where PMTCT is implemented, ensure implementation of the PMTCT protocol in the ANC/delivery and PNC consultations (pre counselling, test and post counselling

·         Collaborate with the medical doctor and /or nurse in the management of Sexual Violence cases

·         Assess the feasibility for referral of pregnant women from the TBAs to the OPD/MCH for medical evaluation and/or complicated deliveries.

·         Ensure hygiene and sterilization criteria (including universal precautions) are met according to MSF specifications.

·         Properly follow up all newborn babies from delivery until discharge, informing mothers and relatives about importance of breast feeding, vaccination and possible complications resulting from harmful traditional practices.

·         Ensure patients’ right to privacy and confidentiality is respected

·         Supervise that administrative procedures of admissions and hospitalizations comply with MSF protocols , as well as verify patients are properly informed and receive the documents required (birth certificate, vaccination card, etc

·         Participate in the organisation of the ward in collaboration with other midwifes and the maternity ward supervisor. Ensure transfer of relevant information to the next shift team (specially identifying risk cases)

·         According to MSF protocols in force, conduct normal deliveries independently Manage obstetric emergencies; identify cases needing referral and send them in time, clean up the newborn, executing and registering first neo-natal medical acts (cutting and cleaning the umbilical cord, vaccination, etc.), detecting possible anomalies/infections of the newborn and reporting them to the doctor, in order to ensure successful interventions

·         Supervise the use of drugs, facilities and obstetric material, in order to ensure, in accordance with number of patients and prescriptions, a rational use as well as pharmacy stock levels are permanently updated, kept under appropriate conditions and above minimum safety point. 1 BEmONC = basic emergency obstetric and neonatal care = Administration of antibiotics, oxytocics, anticonvulsants, manual removal of the placenta, removal of retained products following abortion, assisted vaginal delivery, preferably with vacuum extractor and newborn care including neonatal resuscitation. 2 CEmONC = comprehensive obstetric and neonatal care = the full package of BEmONC Plus; surgery (caesarean section, hysterectomy, laparatomy), safe blood transfusion and care to sick and low birth weight newborns

·         Ensure sensitization activities and health talks, are carried when necessary a therapeutic education of the patient (and family) using a patient based approach.

·         Ensure that routine laboratory tests are performed, interprete the results and adapt the approach if necessary

·         Be responsible for regulation, documentation and proper utilization and storage of the departmental medical supplies including the controlled drugs.

·         Participate actively in the monitoring and the reporting of medical activities (Make sure that the department registration, patient files, forms, and HIS reports are updated on time and participate in the analysis of these statistics.

·         Identify high risk client antenataly and postnataly and refer them to high risk clinic or maternity for management and monitoring. Educate and book high risk client for review at high risk clinic on discharge from Maternity ward.

·         On discharge educate patients; advice mothers on useful topics for their home return; breastfeeding, emergency signs of post-partum complications, family planning (importance of child spacing) Ensure the patient’s correct understanding of possible treatment and verify that the patient has received the documents: birth certificate, vaccination card, etc.

Education: Essential midwifery qualification or specialization. Desired Bachelor in Midwifery

Experience: Essential working experience of at least two years in midwife activities related jobs.

Languages: Essential, mission language; local working language would be an asset.


·         Results

·         Teamwork

·         Flexibility

·         Commitment

·         Service

How to Apply

If you meet the above requirements, please send your CV, motivation letter outlining HOW you fulfill each of the requirements in bullet points on or before 17th April 2018 to

Applications must be received by the deadline.

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

MSF is an equal Employer and does not charge any application/recruitment or training fee.

Career Opportunities by Recour Four Consultants, Nairobi

Sales Associate

Job Location: Nairobi

Our client is engaged in the manufacturer of Grade 1 sifted maize meal (maize flour) with an installed capacity to process 100mt of maize flour per day. They intend to increase sales within Nairobi region and to that effect are looking for a sales executive.

Key Duties:

·      Acquire new business for the organization by selling company products to both existing and potential clients

·      Maintain a positive image for the company

·      Identify new sales and marketing opportunities for the organization

·      Assist in debt collection whenever required

·      Implement product promotions for all products when necessary

·      Ensure good client relationships with all existing/potential clients’

·      Prepare reports as required by management

·      Monitor and report activities of other players in the market place

·      Ensure that all products gain maximum visibility on distributor shelves

·      Any other duties assigned by management


·      Diploma/degree in sales and marketing

·      Computer literate

·      Clean and valid driving license. Must have been driving a saloon car for 5 years at least

·      Must have experience in selling FMCG especially to retail trade (supermarkets) and must demonstrate he/she has good relation with major supermarkets within Nairobi.

·      Having his/her own vehicle to travel will be an advantage. Allowance for this will be agreed upon

·      Should be between 30-40 years of age and married

·      Should be a team player, must have high moral values and can work with minimum supervision to achieve the sells targets.

·      If previously employed he MUST have reference letters from ALL his previous employers.

Country Manager

Job Type: Full Time

Reporting To: Managing Director

Out client is a worldwide leading manufacturer specializing in shaving products selling in over 130 countries. They are now looking for a dynamic Country Manager to develop and implement a sales strategy and drive the sales force to make a strong impact on the East African market.

Core Duties & Responsibilities

·      Country Manager is responsible for building a company’s brand in East African Markets.

·      Establishes sales objectives by creating a sales plan and quota for districts in support of national objectives.

·      Maintains and expands customer base by counseling district sales representatives; building and maintaining rapport with key customers; identifying new customer opportunities.

·      Recommends product lines by identifying new product opportunities, and/or product, packaging, and service changes; surveying consumer needs and trends; tracking competitors.

·      Devises advertising and promotional plans and are involved in product positioning and global brand marketing development.

·      Implements trade promotions by publishing, tracking, and evaluating trade spending.

·      Accomplishes sales and organization mission by completing related results as needed.

·      Continually assess company progress, sales and marketing successes and compile reports to submit to superiors in corporate headquarters.

Knowledge & Skills

·      A 4-year or advanced degree in sales, marketing or finance. Familiarity with the country or region in which one will work is considered a notable advantage for those seeking to fulfill a Country Manager role.

·      A bachelor’s degree in business administration, management or a similar area

·      Requires a strong understanding of how a business operates and successful candidates will have a proven track record demonstrating their understanding and business acumen.

·      As a successful Country Manager, you would need to demonstrate strong communication, organizational and negotiation skills.

·      Must be familiar with computer software programs e.g. Word, Excel etc.

·      Fluent in English (French or Portuguese Speakers are desirable)

Personal Attributes

·      Should be a motivated self-starter with the ability to work with little or no supervision and possess the ability to assemble and manage teams.

·      Presentation, analytical and planning skills are also essential.

·      Need to be sensitive to cultural differences.

Area Sales Representative

Job Type: Full Time

Our client is an integrated regional downstream oil marketing company with business operations ranging from international oil trading to marine and inland terminals, retail networks, and lubrication services. They seek Area sales representatives to join their team.

Key Duties:

·      Maintaining and increasing sales of your company’s products

·      Reaching the targets and goals set for your area

·      Establishing, maintaining and expanding your customer base

·      Servicing the needs of your existing customers

·      Increasing business opportunities through various routes to market

·      Compiling and analyzing sales figures

·      Collecting customer feedback and market research

·      Keeping up to date with products and competitors

Job Qualifications:

·      Graduate – Bachelors in Science

·      O-level – A to B Plain in Mathematics

·      11/2 – 3 Years Sales and distributor management Experience in local FMCG

How to Apply:

Applicants can send their CV and state the position applied for in their subject of the email to via us before 27th April 2018. Kindly do not apply if you do not meet minimum requirements.

Recruitment Associate Job in Kenya

Recruitment Associate

PowerGen Renewable Energy is a fast-growing renewable energy company based in Nairobi. Founded in 2011, the company has installed 150+ renewable energy systems, including more than 45 micro-grids and connected 5,000+ homes and businesses in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Zambia, Somalia, and South Sudan to clean and reliable electricity.

We uniquely combine our mission – to provide access to energy across all of Africa – with technical, on-the-ground expertise and an innovative business model. We build, own and operate AC micro-grids to bring power to residential and commercial customers in a for-profit manner.

With over 100 employees, an 11,000 sq. ft. workshop and headquarters in Nairobi and a Tanzanian office in Arusha, PowerGen is building a local company that is set to have an impact on the energy sector in Africa for years to come.

In 2018 PowerGen is focused on expanding on our successes in building and operating micro-grid energy utilities in the region and keeping the model on the path towards commercial viability and scale. We are building a team that is equipped to pursue this vision and could use your help to build it.

What you’ll make happen

We are looking for a creative do-er to join our People Operations team. Someone who enjoys the challenges of a young and growing company and can stand their ground. Someone who enjoys talking to our engineers in the field and can relate to to our business development team in the office. Someone who is there to support both our candidates and hiring managers.

·      Select people. Most candidates find us through our job postings. Roles in finance or installation get a lot of responses via our website. You will help us review the responses and make the first selection of the candidates.

·      Find people. When it comes to specific roles such as Sr. Engineers or experienced Project Managers, we often find them through our own network or carefully reaching out ourselves. You will offer creative solutions in finding people through your own network, through LinkedIn or through new avenues for our pipeline.

·      Influence people. Candidates and colleagues often have questions. You will act as an advocate for both sides. You will play a role in ensuring hiring managers understand the candidates’ capabilities. You will also act as an advocate for PowerGen to help candidates learn what makes PowerGen a great place to work!

·      Interview people. One candidate could be at their best in one organization and find it difficult to perform in the same role at a different organization. You will need to ask the right questions to learn what motivates our candidates and how they will fit into our culture.

·      Advise people. Our recruitment process is far from perfect. You will use your experience and creativity to advise the team on improvements and encourage the use of new tools to boost efficiency and effectiveness. You are an advisor to the hiring manager; you challenge them on their requirements and suggest alternative possibilities.

·      Coach people. The interview process can seem long and include waiting time. Hiring managers want their opening filled today. Candidates are eager to hear how they have done. You will coach them both through the process. You will communicate to candidates and hiring managers every step of the way: after an assignment, a personal interview, whether the outcome was positive, negative or needs some more time.

·      Believe in yourself. PowerGen is the leading microgrid developer in Africa, and our projects and teams move quickly. You will start as a recruiter for several roles but you should see yourself shaping the recruitment strategy of a multinational company. All of our openings are currently in Tanzania and Kenya, but expect to be involved in finding people across the continent.

Skills and qualifications

·      3+ years of experience in finding and hiring people, preferably in an engineering and international environment

·      Results-focused. You are able to get out a JD in time, focus efforts on the goals and follow up with hiring managers and candidates as promised.

·      Listening. You work well with all layers of an organization. You hear and interpret messages from candidates and hiring managers alike and ask additional questions when clarification is needed.

·      Quality focus. Just getting the job done is not enough for you. You set high standards for yourself, and share them with the team. If priorities change, you communicate them with the team in a timely manner.

·      Teamwork. You connect easily with the team and gain their trust and respect. You help others who could use your support and communicate early and thoughtfully when you do.

·      Planning and organizing. You lead searches through planned steps and commit to agreed timelines. You can combine several searches in various stages at the same time.

·      Adaptability. Some openings have been open with us for a while and some openings need someone starting immediately. You can combine these priorities with ease.

·      Problem solving. You identify and analyze problems that cross your path. You are able to offer solutions or share the steps you have taken to solve the problem.

·      Support and live our Values: Integrity, Ingenuity, Passion, Team, Humility and Positivity

Benefits and Compensation

·      Competitive annual compensation

·      Annual holiday bonus

·      Medical insurance

·      Individualized career development

·      Performance feedback and open-door company culture

·      Team building and company-wide events

·      Opportunity to work with a dynamic team of brilliant people passionate about electrifying East Africa!

How to Apply

Interested candidates are kindly asked to CLICK HERE to send a resume/CV and a brief description of why they are interested in the position. PowerGen will be accepting applications until 13 April 2018. You can expect to receive a response within two weeks after this date.

PowerGen Renewable Energy does not charge any kind of fee at any stage of the recruitment process, and does not act through recruitment agents.

Administrator Job in Kenya – Social Media

Corporate Social Media Administrator 

Our Client is looking for an enthusiastic and creative Corporate Social Media Administrator to market and help grow the sales of their corporate training solutions using social media e-marketing platform.

Location: Nairobi

Salary: 40K

Duties and Responsibilities

·      Manage the development of the company’s new web site and work with an outsourced web site developer to meet agreed milestones

·      Develop landing pages for company’s Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn

·      Upload company information including articles, news events, training dates and other company events and information

·      Promptly respond to all inquiries and requests on social media

·      Monitor and prepare reports on social media data

·      Develop strategies to improve social media interaction with client

·      Undertake research to identify client organisations and input client information in database

·      Undertake research in business and academic journals and help develop relevant content material for social media platform

·      Audio & video experience to succeed in this position


·      2 years’ work experience in a corporate environment

·      Having worked in Training company is an added advantage

·      A relevant undergraduate degree

·      Highly proficient skills in social media platform, graphic design, content writing and web design is an added advantage

·      Exceptionally high level of intelligence, a self-starter, dependable, organized, reliable and willing to go the extra mile to achieve results

·      High capacity to learn, be able to work under pressure and manage different priorities

·      Excellent judgement skills, be able to make decisions and be accountable

·      Excellent command of the English language, be highly articulate, presentable with excellent communication skills

·      Outgoing and charming personality, abundance of energy, drive and be motivated to succeed

·      Exceptionally high level of confidence, able to communicate at all levels and inspire confidence

How To Apply

If qualified kindly send your CV to clearly indicating “Social Media Admin” on the subject line by 3rd April 2018