Kenya: Request for Proposal – Consultancy to Develop and Implement Creative Plan and Events for Farming Week

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Organization: World Animal Protection
Country: Kenya
Closing date: 20 Aug 2018

Background to World Animal Protection

We are active in more than 50 countries. From our offices around the world, we work with local partners, animal welfare organisations, businesses and governments. We help people to find practical ways to prevent animal suffering worldwide. We collaborate with national governments and we have formal relationships with international bodies including the Food and Agriculture Organization, the United Nations Environment Programme, the Council of Europe and the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE). We seek national and international policy change to improve the lives of millions of animals, because animal protection is a fundamental part of a sustainable future.

Scope of Requirement

World Animal Protection has set October as the month of the BIG arming Push. The October Farming Push is intended to raise awareness on the plight of farmed animals in Africa – with a special focus on pigs and chickens. The intended audience for this work is key industry players, value chain actors, governments and the public (consumers) who we believe have the biggest power to make change for farm animals. We will engage these audiences through mainstream and social media platforms, conferences, workshops and exhibitions in the hope of them taking meaningful action to ensure farm animals. We have also identified popular culture – Art, music and poetry a key driver of our campaigns- We shall build on our earlier partnership with Kenya Cultural Center to reach out and work with the performers on this aspect.

About this Consultancy

The nature of this consultancy is three –fold. At the first level, the creative agency will develop the creative concepts, messaging and a communication pathway for the Farming Week in Africa.

At the second level, the creative agency in consultation with World Animal Protection will execute and implement the creative components for the successful completion of the Farming Week by applying the creatives to successful overall feel of the

At the third level, the Creative Agency will organise and promote all on-ground work activities including identifying and working with creative artists, puppeteers in close collaboration with the Kenya National Theatre.

1. Development of creative concepts and communication pathways for the Farming Week Campaign

At this level, the successful bidder will develop a comprehensive creative strategy with messages and concepts for use during World Animal Protection Farming Week. This creative work should stagger around the following topical days World Farm Animal Day, World Animal Food Day, World Egg Day and World Food Day. The locations of the work are Nairobi, Kisumu and Uganda- Kampala.

The creative components should promote uptake of behaviour and attitudinal change that will deliver a positive change for farm animals among the target audience. The creative components should leverage uptake of the key actions by policy makers, consumers especially around transportation and use of AMR.

The scope of the consultancy will, therefore, entail generation of an Africa-centric communication theme for the entire campaign as well as specific messages for target groups.

World Animal Protection anticipates that the successful consultant will use a participatory, consensus building process to interrogate barriers and involve creative messaging and material development process that involves stakeholders and beneficiaries. The consultant will develop a comprehensive plan to mobilize all sectors of society to promote and increase adoption of positive behaviour for pig farming, anchored on demand by pig consumers to pig processors and producers to guarantee higher animal welfare for farmed pigs.

Specifically, the consultant will;

  1. Review reports of recent studies and isolate relevant knowledge, attitude and practice issues around Farm animals in relation to consumer’s attitudes and beliefs across Africa.

  2. Organize and facilitate strategy and message development workshop focusing on various farm animal issues.

  3. Develop concepts and rationale for IEC materials around the Farming Week Campaign.

  4. Develop creative concepts for assortment of campaign materials and related IEC materials.

  5. Develop sharp and focused messaging that will drive traffic to our website and influence media

  6. Leverage on their media network to get the media to profile and hook on the campaign.

  7. Pilot test the materials and messages developed in local languages

2. Generate and develop media materials for the Campaign In this level, the creative agency will implement and execute the communication concepts by actualising them to the feel and impact of the campaign. The creative Agency will also execute on-ground communication pathways including on air, online and offline communication activities. The Creative Agency will also deliver on the communication asks (informed by part one of this consultancy) during the Farming Week.

  1. Organise and Promote Close Collaboration with Artists and Performers For the Artistic on -Ground Activations

At this level, the Creative Agency will work and coordinate all performers, artists and poets during the Farming public dialogue at the Kenya National Theatre. Specifically, the successful bidder will;

a) Identify the artists and performers to work with

b) Organise trainings with performers and World Animal Protection

c) Adjudicate and judge the competition this will entail developing rationale and performance indicators for the artists

d) Monitor and capacity build the performers ensuring that they continue the work even after the one month.

e) Pay any perdiem, performance fees and transport and related logistics to the performers.

In Summary, the Creative Agency will;

i. Step down IEC materials and creative concepts from our international office to fit local context and structure..

ii. Generate creative concepts for the necessary IEC materials including banners, print outs, info packs for the campaign upto to World Animal Day and related events.

iii. Deliver, graphic design and desktop publishing concepts and ideas.

iv. Execute the concepts through delivering of agreed IEC materials

v. Identify and position communication materials in premium media

vi. Work with World Animal World Protection and her partners to develop a newspaper supplement for the media profiling and leveraging (World Animal Protection will pay for the supplement directly to the media house) please do not quote for this.

vii. Identify and book appropriate media houses for Talk Shows (World Animal Protection will pay directly – do not quote for this)

viii. Collect Bio data and profile from the participants of this and other events event

ix. Organise related public appearances at World Animal Protection related events.

x. Coordinate – transport and logistics for the press and related media people

xi. Develop short video coverage from the event

xii. Take photography, video and necessary stills and footage at the World Animal Day and related events.

xiii. Cut to tape and develop web- based presentations for the website

xiv. Generate leads for coverage and progression

xv. Manage media logistics

Post Milestones Activities

Post the event the Creative Agency will deliver the following;

a) Collate information and data generating from the event for future contacts

b) Develop a best practice report in anticipation of forthcoming events


The deliverables for this assignment will include:

i. A draft inception report covering consultant’s interpretation of the TOR and approach.

ii. Assorted draft creative concepts

iii. Thumbnail messages

iv. Initial drafts of opinion pieces and creative pieces for publicatios in the media and influential journals.

v. List of participants and attendees of the various events.

vi. Final messages and materials in both soft and hard copies ready for bulk printing.

1. Expected Profile of the Consultant(s)

Minimum qualification requirements:

  1. Relevant work experience related to creatives for farming systems.
  2. Proven record in developing comprehensive Creative Systems strategies, with particular focus on farming systems.
  3. Prior experience of working in a multi-stakeholder environment including community groups, local and international NGOs, the media and multi-level government structures;
  4. Demonstrated analytical and strategic planning skills;
  5. Sound knowledge of animal welfare issues in a development context;
  6. A demonstrated ability to write concise consultancy reports.
  7. A recognized university Master’s Degree in, communication/journalism, Veterinary, Ethology or related social science discipline;

How to apply:

For details on the complete Request for Proposal (RFP), the scope of the consultancy, and how to apply, follow this link to our website:

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