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Content & Social Media Marketer Nendo

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Nendostudies internet, mobile, and social media users across Africa. We are relentless in our desire to understand Silicon Savannah’s citizens.

You’ll Be

  • Creative: You have the innate and honed ability to hear problems, frame and reframe them and discover and deliver multiple ways to solve them.
  • Calculated: You can put down a detailed and clear plan of action with digital steps, milestones, deliverables and dates.
  • Agile: You are familiar with taking complex ideas and boiling them down into experiments that can be tested at low cost and time using digital platforms and channels.
  • Passionate: The internet is your playground, lab and life. You hold a deep desire to understand not just social media or content but how the entire value chain of digital products and services transform the market, industry and the continent/world at large.
  • Curious: Always reading, learning, asking questions and teaching yourself new tips and tricks. You are consistently asking questions that push you, your thinking and your clients to new places.
  • Purposeful: Capable of moving an initiative, project, meeting and/or moment from ambiguity to tangible ways forward regarding social media and content.
  • Detail-Oriented – You have a strong and uncompromising command of the English language, Swahili is a nice-to-have, English is a must-have. Be it the Oxford Comma or the semicolon, you know what to use, where and when. You could proofread a novel, a report or a crisis communication press release and can spot inconsistencies and things others might miss.
  • Communicative: you know how to get your teammates inspired and involved. You have learnt how to communicate early and often, where possible, anticipating hitches, delays or setbacks. You can show a work-in-progress and proactively seek and receive feedback.
  • Bonus: If you’ve ran workshops before (framing the client’s problem, selecting a methodology, getting buy-in, facilitating the meeting/workshop, testing and iterating, delivering outputs/learnings and presenting solutions) this will be a clear advantage as a candidate for this position.

You’ll Have

  • A few years experience at a marketing, communications, branding, advertising, IT/e-commerce/agency/startup/company delivering words, ideas and creative on a daily basis.
  • A desire to use data to drive your content and social media creative, campaigns and recommendations.
  • The ear of a storyteller. Constantly capturing inspiration from unlikely sources but capable of committing to the discipline and focus of a deadline to get it done.
  • The ability to take your content’s performance across channels and review the data to interrogate it and come up with more ideas and experiments.
  • A relentless desire to define, refine and deliver concepts, copy and creative that travel across touchpoints – web, mobile, social and ephemeral media spades an evaluate them in the real world with real customers.
  • Created “thumb-stopping” content before and have ideas on what it takes to create great content and find it an organic or paid audience on social media in 2019.
  • Growing familiarity and experience with visual social media. Be this through tools like, and using free/paid digital tools to amplify your content – video, visual, etc.
  • The ability to research on a topic that is outside of your area of immediate expertise,  figure out best practice and come up with content and a tone of voice.
  • Familiar with frameworks and exercises that allow you and a client to determine brand voice, tone and styles.
  • Bonus: You’ve seen the diminishing organic reach and have begun to learn how to package/repackage your content to have a longer shelf life on search engines and other channels.
  • Bonus: You’re curious about growth hacking, growth marketing and specifically how e-commerce driven businesses grow and scale. From their customer journeys to their technology/marketing stacks and more.
  • Bonus: Gotten your hands dirty wearing multiple hats in digital projects – from coordinating the project, sending client updates, taking notes in brainstorms, conducting research with audiences, optimising ad campaigns, and so on.

You’ll Do

As Nendo’s Content & Social Media Marketer, you’ll find yourself executing on projects such as:

  • Curating and collaboratively writing Nendo’s weekly newsletter The Letter N.
  • Curate Nendo’s Telegram channel & community and keep us up to speed on the world of messaging – be it Facebook Messenger, LINE or WhatsApp
  • Curating, producing and distributing Nendo’s YouTube channel Digital Africa with Mark Kaigwa while experimenting on what viewers engage with best
  • Conceptualising and creating an email marketing course e.g. A 3-Day Email Course on Digital Leadership using marketing automation tools like or
  • Analysing posts by a brand and making recommendations on how they can discover their audience’s content consumption patterns and raise their organic reach.
  • Creating and A/B testing landing pages. You’ll write the words to give each a different target audience, tone of voice, call to action and style – working alongside a front-end designer to bring your idea to life
  • Creating a social media marketing campaign and executing across Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, WhatsApp Status, Instagram, Pinterest and Blogs
  • Create & differentiate your content for paid, owned and earned social media.
  • Guiding a client’s first foray into video, coming up with their first concepts for live video (low-hanging fruit and low production values) and pre-recorded video productions
  • Rewriting copy for a website for it to perform better (substance) and read better
  • Installing onto an existing WordPress-powered website and rewriting pages & headlines for optimum search engine performance
  • Creating and executing on a brand seeking to experiment for 3 months where they cut their content calendar by half and experience equal, if not greater results than before
  • Briefing, sourcing and coordinating an Influencer Marketing Campaign to ensure that the content is authentic to the influencer(s) and valuable to the client
  • You can write a 3-page footnoted analysis on a topic you’ve researched as a ‘brief’ for client to engage with ahead of a key meeting
  • Bonus: You create a ‘lead magnet’ white paper report, write the copy and deploy 2 variants of a landing page and promote it across social media

The following count as bonus points if you’re capable and have tangible experience in the following projects/areas:

  • Copywriting experience in a brand/marketing/communications firm
  • You have a recommended “marketing stack” for clients
  • You can list your experience with various social media tools and have been able to use your content and social media skills to determine return on investment
  • Experience with content management systems specifically WordPress (though Squarespace, Magento, Joomla do count) is an advantage
  • You have booked and commissioned specialised digital experience on Fiverr or Upwork

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Closing Date : 19th December, 2020

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